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A world of beads, right at your fingertips.

It begins with a bead. A spark of imagination. The careful consideration of colors, of textures—from delicate seed beads and brilliant lampwork beads, to shining silver beads and bright glass beads. With your creative spirit and Beadniks’ impressive collection of rare and beautiful beads, you can create a work of handmade jewelry to treasure forever.

Beadniks® is more than one of the largest bead sellers in the world. We’re also a source of inspiration and community, providing an imaginative atmosphere where crafters love to gather together. Here, you’ll find unique gift ideas, jewelry trends, a special location for parties and events, bead classes, plus a wide selection of beads hand-selected from the far corners of the globe during our travels each year.
















Virginia Beach
company    |    history    |    consulting    |    virginia beach    |    contact
Martha's Vineyard